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Supplier Scouting Network

As a NIST MEP–approved Center, Purdue MEP is the official representative of the MEP National Network in Indiana. Through this network known as the MEP National Network (MEPNN), Purdue MEP is able to leverage the MEPNN's extensive relationships and knowledge of U.S. manufacturing capabilities and capacity to identify manufacturers across the country that can meet supply chain needs of commercial entities and government agencies.

Purdue MEP is able to connect U.S. manufacturers that have relevant production capabilities and capacities with other manufacturers – enabling them to fulfill current market and societal needs. We can then assist those manufacturers in actually delivering needed products.

MEPNN Supplier Scouting Process

The MEPNN Supplier Scouting process is straight-forward and easy for the requesting company or federal government agency. 

For those companies with a supplier need:

  • Companies with supply chain needs can download and complete a Supplier Scouting Opportunity Synopsis form. The completed form will need to be returned to
  • NIST MEP disseminates the information to MEP Centers in every state and Puerto Rico to conduct a nationwide search for U.S. manufacturers with the capabilities and business interests to supply the needed item.
  • The results are summarized by NIST MEP and reported to the organization that submitted the request. MEPNN Supplier Scouting typically takes 30-45 days to return results.

For those companies with manufacturing capacity to produce items in the Open Supplier Scouting Opportunities:

  • Review the list of Open Supplier Scouting Opportunities below. 
  • If your company has the capacity to produce an item in the list below, download and complete a Supplier Scouting Submission Form. The completed form will need to be returned to
  • Your information will be submitted to NIST MEP as a potential match. 
  • The results are summarized by NIST MEP and reported to the organization that submitted the request. 
  • If identified to move forward, the original submitting organization will contact your company to review details and determine if a match is made. 

Open Supplier Scouting Opportunities

Opportunity Number Description Closing Date
2024-029 Heat Exchangers (water to air) - Copper Tube, Alum Fin - meet BABA requirements 2/6/2025
2024-030 Fan Assembly for Appliances (fan rotor, fan motor, casing) 2/6/2025
2024-063 Research for Companies making Solar Panels, Electric Vehicle Chargers, Electric Vehicles 3/7/2025
2024-123 Industrial Diesel Generator, 60 Hz, 10 – 1250 kW, Output Three Phase- BABA Compliant 7/28/2024
2024-124 Solar Panels, Specs Provided - BABA Compliant 7/28/2024
2024-147 Diamond Core Drill Bit Hole Saw 7/18/2024
2024-148 Autoclave Sterilizer System (for sterilizing lab materials) 7/18/2024
2024-149 Stainless Steel Control Chamber (for material temperature testing) 7/18/2024
2024-152 Ammonium Hydroxide Solution, 28-30% at Technical Grade 8/30/2024
2024-153 Ammonium Phosphate Dibasic Crystals (96% purity or higher) 8/30/2024
2024-154 Citric Acid Anhydrous (Technical Grade at 99% or higher) 8/30/2024
2024-155 Glycerol - 99% purity or higher 8/30/2024
2024-156 Potassium Phosphate Monobasic - Technical Grade at 99% or higher 8/30/2024
2024-157 Magnesium Sulfate (Epsom Salt) 8/30/2024
2024-158 Thyme Oil - 35% purity or greater 8/30/2024
2024-159 Biochar from Dairy Manure 7/21/2024
2024-160 Fiber Brag Grating (FBG) - Milling a Flexible Medical Needle and Gluing Fiber Optic Cables 8/10/2024
2024-163 Additive Manufacturing 3D Printed Components using Black Nylon (Polyamide 12) PA12 Material 7/27/2024
2024-164 Micro-Respiration Reading System for Marine Life - BABA Compliant 7/18/2024
2024-165 Additive Manufacturer - HP MultiJet Fusion Process 7/28/2024
2024-166 Heated Bicycle Grips - Injection Molded with Electronics 8/2/2024
2024-167 Wax Emulsion Draw Lubricant with Natural Carnauba 7/24/2024
2024-168 Li Fe PO4 Battery Cells 7/28/2024
2024-169 Pyranometers and Pyrgeometers - BABA Compliant 7/18/2024
2024-170 Atmospheric Profiler for NOAA - BABA Compliant 7/25/2024
2024-171 Valve Regulated Lead-Acid Batteries - BABA Compliant 7/25/2024
2024-172 Environmental Shallow Water Ice Profiler 7/25/2024
2024-173 Mini CO2 Submersible pCO2 Sensor - BABA Compliant 7/25/2024
2024-174 Galvanized Steel Utility Poles - BABA Compliant (pole specs provided) 7/17/2024
2024-175 9mm Lead Core Bullets 8/9/2024
2024-176 Brass Shell Casings - Manufacturing for Rifles/Pistols 8/9/2024
2024-177 Gun Powder - 2 Different Specifications 8/9/2024
2024-178 Primers for Pistol and Rifle Rounds 8/9/2024


Executive Order on Ensuring the Future Is Made in All of America by All of America's Workers Mentions MEP

On January 25, 2021, The White House announced Executive Order (EO) 14005, called Executive Order on Ensuring the Future is Made in All of America by All American Workers. EO 14005 establishes a substantial role for the MEP National Network in the Biden Administration’s plans to bolster American manufacturing.

“To the extent appropriate and consistent with applicable law, agencies shall partner with the Hollings Manufacturing Extension Partnership (MEP), discussed in the Manufacturing Extension Partnership Improvement Act (title V of Public Law 114-329), to conduct supplier scouting in order to identify American companies, including small- and medium-sized companies, that are able to produce goods, products, and materials in the United States that meet Federal procurement needs.”

You can read the full text of EO 14005 on Ensuring the Future Is Made in All of America by All of America’s Workers.

Click here for a description of the MEP National Network Supplier Scouting Program.


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