Purdue Manufacturing Extension Partnership

Warning: All TAP services will be unavailable from 5:00pm EDT Friday, April 17 until 5:00pm EDT Saturday, April 18, 2015.

Will Your Suppliers Be In Business Tomorrow?

Concern with Supplier Performance includes their ability to survive in today's market.

No longer are companies only watching measurables such as on-time-delivery and PPM (parts per million). In today's market, they must be concerned with whether their suppliers are going to be in business tomorrow.

To be successful, companies must have a reliable supply chain. Suppliers must be able to compete and survive in a market which has become unfriendly to extending credit on future returns.

This is where the Purdue Technical Assistance Program (TAP) and Manufacturing Assistance Partnership (MEP) can help… to assist suppliers with development, support, and optimization.

The level at which a company participates in its supplier program is flexible. Some choose to design content and measure output and even go as far as to fund training and implementation. Others elect to educate their suppliers about the services offered by Purdue TAP-MEP and make participation voluntary.

Purdue TAP is the Manufacturing Extension Partnership for Indiana. Collectively, the MEP is a nationwide network of resources that helps transform manufacturers to become globally competitive, support greater supply chain integration, and provide access to technology for improved productivity.

Within Indiana or across the nation, the MEP is ready to provide your suppliers with the assistance they need in many areas:

  • Increase profitability
  • Develop and implement continuous improvement programs
  • Expand markets
  • Eliminate waste Achieve ISO and other registrations
  • Increase speed to market
  • Develop new products
  • Invest wisely in modernization
  • Locate vital resources
  • Implement new technologies
  • Becoming a Green Supplier
  • And anything else they want to do!