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Build a Lean Enterprise

Lean services focus on eliminating non-value-added activities from a company's Lean Office processes while streamlining its value-added activities. It is a people-oriented approach that empowers a team to take action to achieve improvements. Lean tools and implementation are the best way to effectively utilize a company's most valuable resource… its people.

Our Lean Office services include:

  • Principles of Lean Office

    This full-day workshop combines classroom-style learning with an interactive "live" simulation – during which class participants become managers and workers within a fictitious company. Workshop participants learn lean definitions and techniques, and explore the application of lean techniques in a simulated office.

    Participants ultimately transform the simulated office in three "stages." At the end of the day, the office has been redesigned to improve customer and employee satisfaction and increase the speed of the order-to-cash cycle.

  • Office Value Stream Mapping (OVSM)

    Value Stream Mapping Office – a one-day workshop that reviews the eight basic wastes in the context of non-production processes. We'll review how Lean Thinking can be applied to improve information-intensive processes by using Value Stream Mapping – the assessment and planning tool of lean practitioners. A map of the current state is developed to serve as a basis for re-designing the selected business process. Then, by answering seven prescriptive questions, we'll develop the future-state map. And finally we'll create the implementation plan. The workshop offers a case study to help understand the mapping tool and the application of lean thinking, as well as specific examples that describe how lean enterprises approach particular business processes that dramatically contract traditional organizations.

  • 5S System - For the Office

    While an organized workspace is certainly appealing to the eye, there's no doubt that the value of a front office 5S program extends well beyond an orderly appearance! In fact, the outcome is more value-added output per worker, with improvement in productivity, safety and quality going right to your bottom line. Join us for our two-day 5S workshop – and learn not only 5S tools and techniques, but practice in a simulated office environment, AND apply your new skills to an area in your front office.

Also Available: Lean Overview One-Day Workshop

This one-day workshop is designed to provide Managers and Leaders with an overview of Lean Manufacturing concepts and Lean Behaviors necessary for successful change. Learn the basic foundation of Lean by addressing basic disciplines including Value Stream Mapping, Standardized Work, 5S, Error Proofing, Quick Changeover, TPM, One Piece Flow, Pulls Systems, Kanban and Visual Control. The core idea is to maximize customer value while minimizing waste. A lean organization understands customer value and focuses their key processes to continually meet those needs.

Please email tapmep@purdue.edu if interested in on-site training or view our public offerings.