Purdue Manufacturing Extension Partnership

TAP Faculty Projects

Contact Information:

Carly Turow
TAP Projects Specialist
Office: 317.275.6821
Mobile: 317.201.5034

Purdue's Technical Assistance Program (TAP) offers confidential consulting on a full range of business and technical issues, including:

  • Advanced manufacturing
  • Business management and strategy
  • Data analysis
  • Facility addition and layout
  • Human resources
  • Information technology and security assessments
  • Material selection and part-failure analysis
  • Product design and engineering

The Technical Assistance Program is a powerful partner to help you reach your goals. With funding provided by the State of Indiana, TAP connects Indiana businesses and other organizations with the full range of Purdue expertise.

Frequently asked questions

Q: How do I qualify for confidential, no-fee assistance?

A: The project must have the potential to strengthen an existing Indiana business or other organization, help a new venture get started in our state, or improve the quality of life for our citizens.

Q: How much assistance is available?

A: Up to five days of no-fee assistance is available for qualifying projects. Additional work is available on a funded basis.

Q: What are the steps for a typical project?


  1. A company should request a project by contacting TAP's Carly Turow, TAP Projects Specialist, via email cturow@purdue.edu or phone (317) 275-6821. TAP quickly determines if the request meets the criteria for assistance.
  2. TAP schedules a meeting with the client (often at the client site) to obtain detailed project information and to define the project scope and timing. In most cases a Purdue faculty member attends the meeting.
  3. The company agrees to the project scope and timing
  4. TAP personnel work with the client to complete the project
  5. Project conclusions provided in writing and/or in person
  6. Client completes an evaluation of assistance provided

Q: Who performs the assistance projects?

A: Purdue faculty, professional staff, and graduate students. Over 40 are involved in projects each year.

Q: How quickly can I get started?

A: Most projects begin one to three weeks after contacting TAP.

Q: Is product design assistance available?

A: Yes. TAP supports many steps of the design process including design advice, review, limited product analyses, testing methodologies, material selection, input on modeling and simulation and drawings, reliability, quality, and other factors. TAP does not perform work that develops patents or other intellectual property. Such work can be performed at Purdue by working directly with our schools and research centers, or with Purdue Enterprise Company on a contract basis.

Q: Is testing and analysis available?

A: Limited one-time testing and analysis is often available to support product development and problem-solving projects. Costs for testing are quoted in advance. TAP refers companies to testing laboratories for routine testing and for testing to industry standards. ASTM International has an excellent directory of testing laboratories.

Q: Can I call TAP with short questions?

A: Yes. We are usually able to respond quickly by phone or e-mail.

Q: What is the TAP confidentiality policy?

A: TAP keeps all project information strictly confidential and provides a confidential disclosure agreement if requested. Project success stories are presented with permission, and TAP does release the names of companies served.

Q: Can TAP perform work that requires a professional engineer's approval or involves litigation?

A: TAP cannot support these requests. The Purdue Enterprise Company is one of several sources for such work.