Faculty Projects
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Faculty Projects

In order to advance economic prosperity, health, and quality of life in Indiana and beyond, up to 40 hours a year of assistance is available from Purdue to businesses throughout the state of Indiana. This assistance is to address an acute need with a discrete solution. The need may be to determine what to fix, how to fix it, where to start, or where to go. The solution may take the form of guidance, analysis, or validation. What follows is a sampling of areas in which Purdue faculty and staff may provide assistance.

Information Technology
Broadband infrastructure planning
Database assessments
Networking assessments
Security assessments
Software evaluation and recommendations
Web site usability

Advanced process control
Electrical issues
Issue identification
Processing issues
Mechanical issues

Mechanical and physical properties analysis
Heat treating
Product failure analysis
Product evaluation and testing
Product quality issues

Product Design & Development
Circuit and electronic design
Design for assembly
Design input and review
Design method selection
Finite element analysis
Fluid dynamics
Material selection
Problem solving
Product evaluation and testing
Rapid prototyping
Reverse engineering

Productivity & Process Optimization
Data gathering and analysis
Lean improvement opportunities
Issue identification
Plant layout
Sourcing and make/buy decisions
Statistical analyses
Supply chain optimization
Warehouse management

Quality Assurance
Data analysis for processes and products
Data trending
Experiment design
Quality control techniques application
Quality systems improvement opportunities
Sampling and sample size calculations
Survey design and analysis

Technology Leadership & Innovation
Counseling and discipline procedures
Effective communications
HR policies and procedures
Issue identification
Leadership development skills
Training methods
Training needs analysis